Implementation of Drought Stage One Regulations

As a result of the combined storage in Lake Travis and Lake Buchanan falling below 1.4 million acre-feet, the District has implemented Drought Stage One Regulations of its Drought Contingency Plan effective June 6, 2022.

Stage One Watering Restrictions Summary:
• Residential and commercial customers continue to follow the once-per-week watering schedule for automatic irrigation systems and the twice-per-week schedule for hose watering. However, the total number of hours available for watering via automatic irrigation systems is reduced from 15 hours to 13 hours (midnight to 8:00 am and 7:00 pm to midnight).
• Residential and commercial customers can continue the following activities without restrictions: irrigating athletic fields; drip irrigation; hand-held watering with hose; watering trees with automatic bubblers; automatic drip irrigation or soaker hose irrigation beneath the tree canopy and in vegetable gardens.
• Commercial customers may continue to use patio misters between the hours of 4:00 pm and midnight.
• Commercial car washes can operate normally. Residential car washing, and the washing of any outdoor surface, is allowed with the use of positive shut-off valve on a hose or with a bucket.