Conservation Tips

Household Water Use and Ways to Save (PDF)

You can easily save a minimum of 20 gallons per day just by installing water-efficient fixtures and reducing leaks.

Conserving Water Outdoors (PDF)

In the summer, outdoor water use can account for 50 to 80 percent of home water use.

A Watering Guide for Texas Landscape (PDF)

You don’t have to give up having an aesthetically pleasing lawn to conserve water. It is important for homeowners who want to enjoy lawns but are concerned about conservation to realize lawns don’t waste water, people do!  There are positive features of lawns as recreational surfaces that reduce heat loads, noise, and water and air pollution.  Learn how to:

  • Choose plants adaptive to conditions in your area of the state.
  • Measure the amount of water needed to irrigate your landscape.
  • Use the right tools and methods to deliver the optimal amount.

Water Conservation for Industries, Businesses, and Institutions (PDF)

With rising costs of operations for many businesses, conserving water is one way to cut costs without compromising services.

Water is Limited Brochure (PDF)

Do you know the impact that a serious water shortage could have on Texas? Learn steps that you can take to conserve water.

Water is Limited – Tip Card A (PDF)

Answers water use questions such as how many gallons does flushing a toilet use to how many gallons playing with a garden hose for 15 minutes uses. Provides tips on how to conserve water.

Water is Limited – Tip Card B (PDF)

Answers water use questions such as how many gallons does watering a lawn take to how many gallons does brushing your teeth use. Provides tips on how to conserve water.

Agricultural Water Conservation in Texas (PDF)

Texas farmers and ranchers are leading the way in agricultural water conservation and innovation, implementing regional water planning strategies to address future water needs. This is an update to “How Do Texas Ag Producers Deal with Drought.” Fold out Texas POSTER inside.

How Do Texas Ag Producers Deal with Drought (PDF)

All Texans are challenged to conserve our limited surface water and groundwater supplies. Learn how Texas farmers and ranchers are leading the way in water conservation. Fold out Texas POSTER inside.

Agricultural Water Conservation Irrigation Water Use Management Best Management Practices (PDF)

This booklet discusses Irrigation Scheduling, Measurement of Irrigation Water Use, Crop Residue Management and Conservation Tillage, Irrigation Audit.

Agricultural Water Conservation Best Management Practices Overview (PDF)

This brochure details recommendations for Texas agriculture water conservation practices.  It also describes what types of assistance government entities can provide and gives an overview of the Texas Water Development Board.


Children today will face a daunting challenge when they are adults: managing and conserving Texas’ dwindling water supplies.  So that they are equipped for this challenge, these future decision makers will need to be educated about the scientific background and complex issues associated with this critical resource.

Water for Texas Coloring Book (PDF)

In the “Water for Texas” coloring and activity book, Billy the Bull, Amanda Armadillo, Sally Mander, and Grandpa Lizard guide children through fun facts about water in Texas, teach them the names of aquifers and rivers through word finds, give them information on how to conserve water at home, and apply what they have learned to create a story and draw a picture.  There is even a maze and a connect-the-dots page.  This entertaining 16 page booklet is targeted for ages Kindergarten through 3rd grade.