Customers in Headwaters at Barton Creek who have grinder pump systems must maintain the system in accordance with the District’s rules and regulations. All costs associated with maintenance, replacement and repairs will be borne by the customer directly. Customers experiencing issues with their grinder systems should call a licensed plumber for assistance.

For more information, please see the District’s rules as follows:

E. Grinder Pumps/Lift Stations. All private lift stations or grinder pumps required for wastewater service to an individual customer shall be installed by the customer’s plumber at the customer’s expense. The District’s representative shall inspect the facilities for compliance with the District’s requirements. Any pressurized sewer lines or other sewer lines located within the customer’s house or on the customer’s property up to and including the check valve at the street shall not be a part of the grinder pump system and is part of the home plumbing. Such sewer lines shall not be maintained by the District and shall be the sole responsibility of the customer for design, installation, maintenance and operation. The customer shall pay a $65.00 inspection fee. In the event an additional inspection is required, an additional $65.00 fee shall be charged. The costs of subsequent operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the facilities shall be at
the customer’s expense. Such maintenance, repair and replacement of the facilities shall be conducted by the District’s representative as required by the TCEQ. Continuation of water and wastewater service shall be conditioned upon the customer’s payment of such costs when incurred. The customer and the District shall enter into an agreement that further sets forth these requirements, including access by the District’s representative to the facilities.